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ORGanisation of UsErs of SOLEIL

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Welcome into the ORGanisation of UsErs of SOLEIL website!

At SOLEIL Management instigation, this organization was introduced by the gathering of potential SOLEIL users, who besides organized the first one Users ' Meeting in January, 2006.

Then, elections took place in May 2006, 2008 and 2011, and SOLEIL Users’ Association has a representative elected committee. These two parts are independent so much of SOLEIL Management, of SOLEIL Board of Directors, that of SOLEIL Peer Review Committees.

The Charter of this association was validated by the users’ organisation.

SOLEIL users association owes to insure a mission of animation, coordination and initiatives so that SOLEIL is an effective scientific tool to serve the community of users.

Your membership to SOLEIL Users’ Association and all comments and/or suggestions you may make are the guarantee of SOLEIL optimal functioning.

Half members of the SOLEIL Users' Committee has been renewed in spring 2015.
Elections have been organised from April 13th to May 3rd, 2015.
Please find the results by clicking on the following link:
Elections to Users' Committee.


Users' Meeting 2016
January 21st and 22nd, 2016 at SOLEIL and Ecole Polytechnique


Previous Users' Meetings - The annual general meeting:

- Users' Meeting 2015
- Users' Meeting 2014
- Users' Meeting 2013
- Users' Meeting 2012
Users' Meeting 2011
- Users' Meeting 2010
- Users' Meeting 2009
- Users' Meeting 2008
- Users' Meeting 2007
- Users' Meeting 2006