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La plate-forme IPANEMA a été inaugurée  


La plate-forme destinée aux matériaux anciens a été inaugurée le 12 sepetembre 2013 par Madame La ministre de la rchecrh Genevieve Fioraso en présence de Monsieur le Président de la Région Ile de France Jean-Paul Huchon et de nombreuses personnalités locales, régionales et nationales.


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A platform unique in the world

IPANEMA is a service and research platform dedicated to ancient materials (archaeology, cultural heritage, paleontology and paleoenvironments) currently under development at SOLEIL. The project includes the construction of a dedicated building (in progress) and a new synchrotron beamline optimized for ancient materials that will complement the facilities already at SOLEIL. The group, brought together within the IPANEMA CNRS unit, is at the moment occupying temporary premises at SOLEIL, and has supported the synchrotron work since 2008 while also developing transverse methodological research.
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Support for synchrotron projects

IPANEMA supports synchrotron projects carried out on all SOLEIL beamlines involving research on ancient materials. On request, IPANEMA can help in the preparation of samples, with the experiments and in the data analysis.
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Original methodological research

The IPANEMA team performs research centred on two methodological approaches: analytical methodology of ancient materials and data analysis of ancient materials.
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Networks, projects and training activities

Numerous training initiatives and a thriving scientific culture centred on the study of ancient materials are taking shape at IPANEMA.
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IPANEMA, users and other groups at SOLEIL publish works on ancient materials
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Synchrotron methods for IPANEMA

IPANEMA gives scientists access to a wide range of synchrotron beamlines. Beam-time requests are primarily directed towards X-ray and infrared micro-imaging techniques, as well as X-ray absorption and diffraction techniques. Ultimately, SOLEIL will also offer access to 3D imaging techniques via X-ray microtomography. The IPANEMA project also comprises the construction and operation of a new SOLEIL beamline, PUMA, which has been optimised for ancient materials.

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