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Welcome to the twelfth International Conference on Electron Spectroscopy and Structure: ICESS-12, a major scientific event where about 400 participants are expected from all over the world.
Electronic structure is one of the fundamental properties of matter, and there have been important discoveries recently, in AMO (e.g. fundamental problems of localization and quantum entanglement), materials science (Nobel Prize awarded for pioneering research on graphene properties) or nanoscience at the frontiers of gas phase and surface science, together with significant input from theoretical modeling.
In this context, state-of-the-art instrumentation and scientific support available at large-scale facilities worldwide have played a major role. These laboratories also act as incubators for emerging scientific and technological advances (ultrafast, ultrasmall, XFEL technology, diffractive imaging etc.).
We encourage a significant number of young scientists and scientists from emerging countries to attend


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This series of conferences started in 1971 in Asilomar (USA) as the International Conference on Electron Spectroscopy (ICES), and since 2000 the scope has been widened to include electronic structures. After Berkeley, Uppsala, Iguaçu Falls and Nara, the newly opened Synchrotron SOLEIL is honored to host the twelfth edition of the conference in Saint-Malo, with the support of other French research institutions and universities and the Brittany District. During the last few years completely new scientific opportunities have appeared and have given rise to amazing discoveries, which we are convinced will be highlighted at this conference. It is expected that a large number of commercial exhibitors and staff from the facilities who have accompanied our research over the years, will be present.


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 Scientific Topics

 Proposals to host ICESS13:

ICESS13 to be held in Brookhaven National Laboratory
Long Island, New York
Early September, 2015

Proposal presented by Peter Johnson
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Upton, USA





 Satellite Meetings organised in Europe 

2nd International Symposium on Electron Momentum Spectroscopy
Royal Flemich Academy of Belgium for Sciences and the Arts, Brussels,
August 23-24, 2012
Chair :  Prof. Michael S.Deleuze
International Conference on Many Particle Spectroscopy of Atoms, Molecules, Clusters and Surfaces
Berlin, Germany
August 28 - September 1, 2012
Chairs : Dr. Alexander Dorn and Prof. Uwe Becker 

Workshop on Magnetic Order in Nanostructures and Spectroscopy
Roma, Italy
September 13-15, 2012
Chair: Giovanni Stefani
High-resolution spectroscopies of isolated species: present and future directions - HRSIS-2012 
In honor of the 80th birthday of Professor T. Darrah Thomas
Soleil Synchrotron, France
September 14-15, 2012
Chair : Dr Catalin Miron