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TEMPO is a soft X-ray beamline optimized for dynamic studies of electronic and
magnetic properties of materials using photoelectron spectroscopy.

Mixed-valence Eu2+/Eu3+ europium salt
Coupling photoemission techniques for a first full spectroscopic characterization

After showing the coexistence of Eu2+/Eu3+ ions in hydrated EuCl3 salt, which was then proved to be EuCl2,85 salt (see 2013 study published in J. Phys Chem. C) a new advance has been made on the TEMPO beamline. A team of researchers from IRAMIS (Saclay), ILM (Lyon) and the ICMR (Reims), in collaboration with researchers from the TEMPO beamline, has performed a full characterization of this ionic solid by combining corelevel and resonant photoemission spectroscopy techniques. Such a study had never been done on a europium-based ionic solid. [Full story]

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TEMPO is a soft-x-ray beamline designed for time dependent studies of electronic and magnetic properties of materials using photoelectron spectroscopy experiments.
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