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PROXIMA 1 is one of two beamlines at SOLEIL for measurements in macromolecular crystallography (together with PROXIMA 2, recently opened to users). PROXIMA 1, operational since March 2008, delivers an intense, parallel and tunable x-ray beam for measurements at high resolution or from large unit cell dimension crystals. The beamline has recently been upgraded with a very large surface area detector (PILATUS 6M). The 3 circle "kappa" geometry goniostat is in routine use for advanced data collection strategies. A new CATS sample changing robot has been installed on the beamline and is operational for cryogenically cooled samples. A crystallisation plate screening option will be available soon. The beamline optics implemented are such that they could permit a range of focussing conditions which can then be adapted to the sample being studied (for example beam focus at sample or detector).

The structure and the nutritive power of cockroach milk crystals

A research work on generation of natural crystals of proteins by a cockroach viviparous species has been partly investigated on the PROXIMA-1 beamline. [Full story]

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Workshop on Advanced Data Collection with Multi-Axis Goniometry


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- A nano-crossbow in pathogenic bacteria ... Crystal structure of part of the type VI secretion system solved on PROXIMA1

- PROXIMA 1 and 2: Novel insights in the attachment of the bacterial carcinogen Helicobacter pylori

- Ribosome inhibitors: new structural basis unraveled in eukaryotes

- Noncoding RNA, the case of the LC ribozyme

- An intramolecular disulfide bridge regulates the affinity of human neuroglobin for oxygen

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How does the protein synthesis start in the cells?
The 3D structure of the e/aIF2 factor, a major actor of this stage, has been solved