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DISCO is a VUV to visible beamline dedicated to biochemistry, chemistry and cell biology. The spectral region is optimised between 60 and 700 nm with conservation of the natural polarization of the light.

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What if there was less fat in fried food products?

Software simulating oil absorption has been developed and tested. It reveals the dynamics of oil penetration into food according to the level of damage in the tissues and cooling conditions. These data open the way to new strategies for developing low-fat fried products. [Full story]

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DISCO offers three experimental endstations to the scientific communities: SRCD (circular dichroism using synchrotron radiation), APEX (ionisation experiment at atmospheric pressure) and DUV imaging.

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DISCO receive users since septembre 09 on three endstations. Using UV synchrotorn radiation, man can observe biomolecules localization, structural changes and interactions in solution, in living cells or in tissues.
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The in-house researches of the DISCO Team concern the interactions of light with biomolecules. They are funded by ANR, Région Centre and PRES UniverSud.
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- DISCO - SMIS : Kidney biopsy studies: a combination of several techniques that improves their accuracy

- Tryptophan and gold nanoparticles: A winning duo for deep ultraviolet imaging of microbial cells

- A new method to identify protein secondary structure and fold

- Deep photodynamic therapy: a nanoflash-light to activate drugs in solid tumors

- Radiotherapy : a new method to localize unlabeled nanoparticles in tumor cells

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