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The buffer chamber (on the left, all wrapped in aluminum paper) and the DiagOn (undulator diagnostic apparatus, on the right, being connected to the buffer chamber by Stefan) are located in the radiation-protection hutch.
Since February 2009 we have been using successfully the DiagOn for the commissioning for our Apple-II undulator.

The first optics chamber (a.k.a. M1) is optimised for harmonic rejection over the full energy range. It contains 3 mirrors: frist a plane mirror (SiC) that dissipates 160W of the in-coming power followed by two toroidal mirrors (Pt coated Si and Rh coated Si), which orient the beam onto the entrance slits of the monochromator.
(July 2009)
  • Main chamber:

Based on dispersing Petersen principle the monochromator consists of 2 interchangeable gratings; a Variable Groove Depth (350eV-1500eV) and a Multilayer grating (100eV-2500eV).
(installed February 2010)

  • Exit slits:

Intended to provide an energy resolution up to 20 000 (5000 nominal).


(installed February 2010) 

Refocussing (Wolter) chamber

Will allow two beam-spot sizes of 50μmx50μm and 500μmx500μm on the sample.


1) Cryo-magnet: Superconducting coils providing a filed of +/-7 Tesla along the beam direction and +/-2 Tesla normal to the beam, at a temperature of 1.5K-370K.  




 (installed May 2010)


2) Electromagnetic coils providing a flied of +/-1 Tesla at a switching rate of 10Hz and at a temperature of 20K-1000K.

Sample preparation chambers (installed)



(March 2009)