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CRISTAL is an undulator-based diffraction beamline, dedicated to single crystals and powders between 4 and 30 keV.

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Germination, growth and alignment of carbon nanotubes: the contribution of in-situ X-ray diffraction

During their synthesis, carbon nanotubes can adopt a carpet shape organization, nanotubes growing perpendicular to a substrate. Thanks to their mechanical and electrical properties, these carpets are of interest in the field of composite materials, especially for energy storage applications. The understanding of the formation mechanisms of the nanotubes, as well as the mastering of their structural characteristics or organization, raises interest for a wide community of chemists and physicists, in fundamental research as well as in the industry. Researchers from the Laboratoire Édifices Nanométriques have conceived and developed an original project supported by The French National Research Agency: in-situ time resolved X-ray diffraction study of nanotubes growth. [Full story]

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