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This beamline has been designed for a complete electronic structure determination using scanning-angle-resolved photoemission spectromicroscopy combined with a local structural characterization by means of Photoelectron Diffraction (PED) through its both modes, Forward scattering and Backscattering energy regimes. The central part of the project is focused on a finely tuned Fermi Surface Mapping study of crystalline complex materials with sub-micron (nano) spatial discrimination. The beamline consistently satisfies the conditions of a high-energy resolution and high-flux source of photons at the nano-size focal point provided by a Zone Plate (ZP) and order selection aperture (OSA) system. A spatial-scan sample manipulator with a resolution better than 30nm will control the temperature, angular and spatial position of the sample.


Technical data
Energy range   12-1000 eV (without Zone Plates)
95-1000 eV (with Zone Plates)
Energy Resolution (∆E/E)  

>20000 (10-150 eV)
>10000 (150-1000 eV)


- HU256 (256 mm period) electromagnetic
- HU60 (60 mm period) permanent magnet – type AppleII
- Variable polarization light: lineal H and V, circular

Flux at the first optical element   1.2•10+15 Photons/s/0.1% BP @ 100 eV

- PGM without entrance slits, using plane gratings with varied line spacing
(VLS) and variable groove depth (VGP)
2 gratings (600 tr/mm and 1300 tr/mm)
- Double Pseudo-Wolter (Focus on Sample and Using Zone Plates)
- 2 Fresnel Zone Plates 

Sample Environment  

- 5 axis High precision sample manipulator (better than 1 micron resolution)
- Scan sample Manipulator (x,y,z) (resolution better than 5 nm)
- The sample can be cooled down thanks to a liquid He cryostat.

Flux on sample  

-Without Zone Plate:~ 5•10+12 Photons/s/0.1% BP (@ 100 eV) (E/ΔE = 10000)
-Using ZP : 5•10+10 -10+11 Photons/s/0.1% BP


- High energy and angle resolution kinetic energy electron analyzer
(Scienta R4000)
- Low Energy Fluorescence Detector 


Scientific Opportunities
Available techniques  
  • Scanning electron photoemission microcopy (SPEM) for core levels
  • Nano-ARPES
  • Angle Resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy at submicrometer scale
  • Fermi Surface Mapping
  • Scanned Energy and Angular Photoelectron Diffraction (PED)
  • Resonant photoemission
  • X-ray absorption spectroscopy


Maria-Carmen Asensio
(Principal beamline scientist)


Tel: +33(0)1 69 35 96 69
José Avila
(beamline scientist)
Tel: +33(0)1 69 35 96 32
Ivy Razado-Colambo
Tel: +33(0)1 69 35 81 70
Emmanouil Frantzeskakis
Tel: +33(0)1 69 35 80 93
Stephane Lorcy
(Engineer assistant)
Tel: +33(0)1 69 35 96 99

Synchrotron SOLEIL
L'Orme des Merisiers
Saint-Aubin - BP48


Tel: +33(0)1 69 35 94 56

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