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The AILES Beamline is dedicated to Infrared Absorption Spectroscopy for materials and molecules. The usefull spectral range spans from the Mid- to Far Infrared (IR) or Terahertz (THz) domains, but the best performance concern the 8 to 1000 cm-1 energy range, with a maximum resolution of 0.0008 cm-1.

Research on AILES involves molecular spectroscopy and studies of optical properties of materials. The concerned scientific community spreads from physics to chemistry and biology.

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Infrared to support thermodynamics: characterization of the equilibrium between acetic acid and its dimer in the gas phase

Thanks to the Jet-AILES apparatus, French scientists managed to determine the dimerization free energy of acetic acid at room temperature. They used an analysis method based exclusively on infrared spectroscopy, thus ending the controversy on the ability of this technique to produce high-quality data for thermodynamics. [Full story]

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Information on instrumental setups availables at AILES, the beamline and spectroscopic workstations performances.
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A beamline manual for operating the optical and vacuum systems for the spectrometers and bolometric detectors, a list of some recent publications, as well as the SOLEIL users' chart and some guidelines for project submission are available on line.
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Research on AILES

Some of the research developed on AILES by beamline and associated scientists are presented here, along with links to the associated institutions.
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Find all the team of AILES beamline, how and whom to contact if you are considering coming to SOLEIL to perform experiments in the Infrared range.

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 World Premiere on AILES Modeling of the greenhouse effect: part of the spectral signature of SF6

 Gas phase Far-Infrared high-resolution spectroscopy of DMSO: an unusual rotational behaviour revealed by the AILES beamline

 AILES beamline: an interstellar compound reveals its secrets

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