Both a research laboratory and a very high-level scientific resource serving thousands of users, SOLEIL also has a double vocation: to make the highest-performing experimental facilities in the world available to its users, and to develop cutting-edge internal scientific research activity around the synchrotron beam.

Kidney biopsy studies: a combination of several techniques that improves their accuracy

A new step towards more accurate diagnosis for severe or acute renal failure just has been achieved. In a recent study published in Comptes Rendus Chimie, scientists combined field effect scanning electron microscopy, deep UV fluorescence, Raman spectroscopy and both classical and synchrotron radiation Fourier Transform Infrared spectroscopy to take a special look to crystal-containing kidney biopsies.  [Full story]

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The experimental facilities of a synchrotron beam center are called “beamlines”.  This is a group of three successive cabins where the beam is gathered, selected, focused, and directed toward samples to be studied. 

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Transverse programs

There are at SOLEIL several transverse programmes. The current list is: 
IPANEMA (ancient and historical materials) | Theoretical Biophysics, simulations and intensive computing (with the Molecular Biophysics Centre, CNRS Orleans) | NANOIMAGESX | EuCARD-2 (accelerator research)

SUN (SOLEIL Users Net)

SUN is the space dedicated to users on our website.  It contains information to help them better understand the SOLEIL Synchrotron facilities, as well as specific information to guide users in the updating of their experiences with our beamlines, the use of support services available at SOLEIL during experiments or, further along, the deposit of projects to obtain beam time at SOLEIL.

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Scientific domains developed by SOLEIL

Synchrotron SOLEIL is also a research laboratory where numerous scientific themes are developed. Here we present these different research area:

Biology & Health Sciences (Heliobio) | Modeling, Methodology & Instrumentation | Atomic & Molecular Physics, Dilute Matter, Universe Science | Chemistry & Physico-Chemistry of Condensed Matter, Nanochemistry | Physics & Chemistry of Hard Condensed Matter, Earth Sciences | Surfaces, Interfaces & Nanosystems

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