Both a work tool serving the entire scientific community and a research laboratory, SOLEIL contributes each week to the advancement of approximately thirty fundamental, applied, or industrial research subjects. We hope you will discover them under this heading, but you should not hesitate, either, to contact us to prepare a specific subject for any additional information, or so that we may put you in contact with one of our synchrotron specialists in medicine, biology, environment, geosciences, energy, nanotechnology, chemistry, materials, etc.

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Great balls of lightning  

A study led on the PLEIADES beamline unravelled (part) of the mystery of ball lighting. 

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Press releases

 Einstein-Bohr gedanken experiment performed at the molecular level
December 2, 2014
French, Swedish and Japanese teams managed to realize, for the first time, a molecular photoionization experiment illustrating a gedanken experiment first proposed by Albert Einstein and Niels Bohr in their discussion on whether the elementary particles constituting our surrounding world should be seen as particles or waves. Challenging the emerging understanding of quantum physics, this original experiment continues one of the richest public debates in the history of Science, which has already led to several Nobel Prizes, including the one awarded in 2012 to Serge Haroche. Their result is published online on Nature Photonics the 1st December 2014.

 Inauguration of the smart building showroom at SOLEIL on October 2nd (in French !)
September 19, 2014
In the frame of the network “Smart Building Paris Ile-de-France” led by the Essonne Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIE), the showroom, connected to several buildings of the synchrotron will allow SMEs to show their know-how regarding smart grid technologies: sensors, big data processing, green tech, etc.

 Doppler effect: a variation in the infinitely small
June 17, 2014
Thanks to an experimental setup unique in the world, a team of researchers from the Laboratory of Physical Chemistry - Matter and Radiation (UMPC /CNRS), the Free University of Berlin in Germany, Uppsala University in Sweden and the SOLEIL Synchrotron, have just shown, microscopically, the importance of the Doppler effect, a phenomenon better known on a macroscopic scale. In their study, published in Nature Communications, they were interested in high-energy electron emissions from single atoms.

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 SOLEIL Users' Meeting 2012 - 4 Interviews

 2011, une année avec l’Institut de Physique

 SOLEIL Users' Meeting 2009 - Users Interviews

 SOLEIL, an extraordinary source of light
December 18, 2006
 LUCIA, la première ligne de lumière SOLEIL est ouverte à SLS, en Suisse
June 22, 2004

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