Both a research laboratory and a very high-level scientific resource serving thousands of users, SOLEIL has a double vocation: to make some of the world’s highest-performing experimental facilities available to its users, and to develop state-of-the-art scientific research around the synchrotron beam.

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Detectors Group
Ultrathin detectors for tender X-ray beamlines

Synchrotron radiation beamlines are capable of focusing an X-ray beam to less than ten microns and now even less on long beamlines such as Nanoscopium. These beamlines need to be equipped with quick diagnostics to measure both the flux and position of the beam, thus ensuring its stability and the normalization of the data collection with beam intensity. [Full story]

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Technological advances

Studies both prior to and during the SOLEIL installation have permitted a number of remarkable performances and innovations related, in particular, to the improvement of the brilliance and stability of the photon beam.  But that’s not all!

Solid state RF amplifier | NEG coating | DiagOn | XPAD

Available support

SOLEIL is there for industrial users to help them take measurements in optimal operating conditions for beamlines and in total confidentiality.  SOLEIL can also ensure total assistance with measurements and analysis and the transmission of results, as well as providing advice and training.

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